Among the values both partners bring to Essential Eye Photographics is the drive to deliver work that promotes their clients' goals, on deadline and with a spirit of constructive teamwork.
Earl Zubkoff has been shooting for regional technology firms, businesses and ad agencies for more than twenty years. His award-winning photographs for brochures, annual reports, advertising, catalogs, and websites have earned him a loyal clientele. With his broad range of skills and experience, he is able to take on complex projects that might otherwise require two or three specialists.

When digital imaging reached the desktop, Earl was one of the first photographers in the area to embrace it. Today he has integrated digital capture and production services into his studio, delights in sharing his knowledge, and is an Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert.
Inspired by her background in fine arts, Luisa DiPietro's photographs have brought distinction to corporate publications, product literature, portraiture, and advertisements. Her still life compositions have been featured on calendars and posters, and her fusion of traditional and computer photo illustration techniques has been a powerful creative tool in the digital environment.

Luisa brings special sensitivity to assignments for the health care and eldercare industries. Her quick rapport with people in all situations, and her eye for telling detail, are evident in the emotion her photographs convey. Beyond that, clients appreciate her obvious exhilaration in crafting their images.


It takes the photographer's enthusiasm, talent and dedication to elevate each client's assignments to the highest level. Earl Zubkoff and Luisa DiPietro, professional photographers and close friends for many years, exemplify these qualities.

As Essential Eye Photographics, their merged studios match extensive photographic and digital assets with the technical mastery of both fields. With resources in advertising, graphic design, web technologies, and prepress, they serve a wide array of clients with a growing range of services.
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