Our personal interest in the life sciences and bio-research helps us illustrate not just the technical aspects of these endeavors, but also the passion and purpose of the individuals involved in them.

Technology Photography and Biotech Photography, Biosciences

We do high tech and industrial photography in Maryland, MD, Virginia, VA, and Washington DC. Making creative photographs of biotechnology and research, including research and biotech photography, we shoot in our studio or on location. We are two commercial photographers of technology and research, of high-tech products and biology and chemistry labs. Fiber Optics photographs and images of medical and biological research, we do commercial photography for brochures and advertising.

Artistic photography of communications equipment genetic research apparatus and laboratories at hospitals and universities, as well as catalogs of bio-research products. In the Washington DC area, around Virginia and Maryland, we do creative photography of technology in life sciences, communications, medicine, health care, biotech, manufacturing, and engineering.

And we think the public fascination with "high" technology shouldn't obscure the importance of traditional technologies and industry.